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Since 2006, John Ferguson Moving & Storage has been dedicating time, muscle and service to the residents and businesses of the El Paso area. John Ferguson completed his first move in December 2005. Back then, he had only three things: a newspaper ad, a cellphone and one truck. Today, John Ferguson Moving & Storage has grown into the trusted mover of El Paso, TX. John Ferguson prides itself on its exceptional customer service and ability to help families and businesses begin a new chapter in their lives.

With every move, you get to meet fantastic people with amazing personalities, and with every move comes a challenge. We view every move as a learning experience. With each move, we look at our history and repeat what has worked and learn from what hasn’t. Complacency has not set in, and as long as John Ferguson is running things, it never will.

Whether you intend to move west or back east, there’s no place in the lower 48 that we won’t go.

Our Business

We are a full-service moving and storage company locally owned by John M. Ferguson. Since beginning the operation back in January of 2006, we have expanded and moved our headquarters to Fort Bliss on 50 Walter Jones Blvd. Along with our office, John Ferguson Moving & Storage has a climate-stable, 13,500-square-foot warehouse space used for storage. Our company has a group of multi-talented movers. The employee turnover rate is low, and we test, vet and train all new hires. The business and crew are expanding quickly and have no signs of slowing down.

Since buying his first truck, John Ferguson has expanded his mobility to a fleet of seven moving trucks, which have each earned a nickname. They are known as: Lucky, Pride, the Twin, the Megatron, the Polar Bear, Gray Wolf, and our semi, the Battle Cat. We tailor-fit our service to meet your individual needs. We have a wide range of capabilities, everything from two men and a truck, with or without a 3000-pound capacity liftgate up to six men and a tractor-trailer.

As a successful business, John Ferguson Moving & Storage is grateful to be able to give back to the community. We are proud sponsors of Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that works to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. For more information about Charity: Water, visit www.charitywater.org.

Meet the Business Owner

John Ferguson began moving furniture in 1997 after graduating from Franklin High School in El Paso, TX. What he considered a “summer job” turned out to be his calling. He took a liking to the business and nature of work. He found the job to be a rewarding experience. He explains that it is all worthwhile when he receives the gratitude from his customers after completing a job.

Since John Ferguson was little, he has enjoyed sports, reading and drawing maps. It is kind of fitting that he is in this line of work. He loves helping people move to new and faraway places and being a part of a customer’s journey in life.

John is a family man with five sons. He says, “All my sons have different personalities, interests and strengths, and I truly believe that all my sons will one day have some very pivotal roles within the company. All my sons have helped me on moves already. My oldest boys, Titan and Atlas, I’m proud to say have endured some tough moves, living up to their names.”

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John Ferguson


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Mikela Ferguson

Director of Marketing

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