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On Demand Storage in El Paso, TX

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We want to take the hassle out of storage! Self-storage services can cause more of a headache then you originally thought. With self-storage, you have to do all the work. For most self-storage companies, you have to pay to store your belongings for a specified time, even if you don’t know how long you will be storing your possessions. Along with that, you also have to rent a truck, load your items and store your possessions all on your own. Storing your belongings doesn’t have to be this difficult. That is why we offer On Demand storage services to all residents and businesses in the El Paso area. An alternative to self-storage services.

There are plenty of storage options available, but we have created a way to keep your possessions close by without having them in your home or business. When you use our concierge storage service, we pick up your possessions for you, store them and deliver them back on your demand. We do all the heavy lifting and labor for you!

El Paso Storage Pickup and Delivery

On Demands storage companies are growing in popularity and offer a unique storage solution. However, some people are still skeptical or unfamiliar with how the service works.

How Concierge Storage Works:

  1. Call our EL Paso office and tell us what and when you need to store your items.
  2. We arrive to your location with our truck/van.
  3. We take pictures and inventory all the items you are storing.
  4. We safely package and pack your belongings on our truck/van.
  5. We inventory and assign a specific code for your belongings.
  6. We transport and store your possessions in our secured and monitored storage facility.

When you are ready to get your possessions back:

  1. Contact our office and arrange for a time and place you wish to have your items delivered.
  2. We pack our truck with your requested items.
  3. We deliver and return your possessions to your designated location.

As you can see it really is that simple! You don’t have to lift a finger! All you have to do is determine what items you wish to store, and we do the rest. There is no packing or moving on your part! Our warehouse facility is professionally cleaned and monitored daily. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are being properly handled and stored in a secured facility. From the start of our service, until everything is returned, we will handle your possessions with the highest care.

Valet Storage Services in El Paso

Just like when you valet your car, we hold onto your possessions until you are ready to have them back. We ensure you that every item you trust with us will be returned in the same condition that you left it in. As a moving and storage company, we have the experience and equipment for transporting your large or small items safely.

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When looking for the best on-demand storage company in El Paso, go with John Ferguson Moving and Storage. Our process is simple and perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to the typical self-storage services. Whether you are leaving town and wish to store your more valuables items or are simply looking for a place to keep holiday decorations, our on-demand storage is here to help you. We can store your belongings regardless of whether it is short or long-term. Whenever you are ready to get your stuff back just give us a call and we will deliver them to your door step.

To learn more about our concierge storage services, give us a call at (915) 975-5730. Fill out our online form today and begin your on-demand storage service today!

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Skip the guesswork! Include some information about your upcoming move to get a free quote.

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